Bike Safety

Bike Safety

Riding a bike is a cheap and easy way of getting around. There are bike racks around campus for you to lock up your bike for the day, so it's a good idea to invest in a decent bike lock and chain.

When you're riding around campus, remember that you’re sharing the paths and roads with pedestrians and cars. Slow down, ride safely, and be considerate of the people you’re sharing the campus with.

Just like cars, bikes need some maintenance to make sure they’re safe to use:

  • Check that tyre treads are roadworthy and tyre pressure is right
  • Check that the brakes and gears work correctly
  • Make sure the batteries in head and tail lights are charged
  • Only use a helmet in good condition, without cracks
  • Consider wearing gloves, eye protection, and taking a water bottle

The Australian summer can get pretty hot and you run the risk of dehydrating quickly. It’s a good idea to drink water regularly when you’re riding, to stay hydrated.

Riding on the Road

Australian road rules allow bike riders to share the road with cars. Remember though, when you ride on the road you need to follow the road rules just as you would if you were driving a car. The Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW outlines your rights and responsibilities as a cyclist. See:

Safety Tips for Daytime riding

  • Wear on your head, a fitted correctly, approved helmet
  • Ensure a working horn or warning bell is affixed to the bike
  • Slow down and exercise caution when around pedestrians
  • Sound your bell if approaching pedestrians, particularly when travelling from behind pedestrians who may not see you and may be startled

Safety Tips for Night Time Riding

  • Turn on your front headlight and rear red lights; these must be visible from at least 200 metres away
  • Wear bright clothing or a safety vest
Last reviewed: 12 June, 2015

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