Road Safety

Road Safety

As a young driver, speeding is the quickest way to end up in a serious accident. Statistics show that young people are over-represented in road fatality statistics, and that most of those fatal accidents are due to speed, drink driving, and fatigue.

We all know that sticking to the speed limit is the safest way to travel, but it still doesn’t seem to stop people making the same mistakes. We’d like to have you back next semester, so keep these few simple points in mind:

  • drive to the speed limit and road conditions
  • steer clear of alcohol or drugs if you’re planning to drive
  • don't drive tired; plan your trip to include adequate rest breaks

New to NSW Roads

If you have relocated to Australia to study, or even if you have moved interstate, the NSW road rules may be slightly different to the ones you are used to. The NSW Roads and Traffic Authority have developed handbooks in many languages outlining key road user laws. The site covers traffic signs, roundabouts, overtaking, and give way rules, to name a few.


Money can be tight when you’re a student, but if you have a car, one thing that you have to budget for is keeping your car roadworthy. Every car driven on NSW roads must be registered, and to register a car you may have to have it inspected. The GEARED site will give you the details about inspections and insurance.


Motorcycles are a popular option for many students as they’re cheaper to buy and run. However, as a motorcyclist, the chance that you’ll be seriously injured in a crash is much higher than for car drivers. To ride safely, get into the habit of:

  • constantly scanning the road for potential hazards
  • covering or gently applying your brake as you approach potential hazards
  • positioning yourself on the road to create maximum space around you.

The NSW Roads and Traffic Authority provides further information about motorcycle safety.

Last reviewed: 6 September, 2016

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