Identifying Security Officers

Identifying Security Officers

You'll often see UOW Security Officers around campus on foot, bike, or in security vehicles. They're there to ensure your safety, and can also help with things such as lost property and first aid.

Security staff should be easy to recognise by their uniform. The front of their shirt is bright yellow at the top and dark blue at the bottom, with the words ‘Security’. The back is all yellow, and has the words ‘UOW Security’ clearly printed. Security staff also wear dark blue combat trousers with pockets and a black equipment belt. 

Every UOW Security Officer will carry a photographic security licence along with an Authorised Person Identity Card with photo identification.

If anyone approaches you saying that they are a Security person, but they don't have the correct identification, you should contact the Security Office immediately.

Last reviewed: 17 August, 2012

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In an emergency

UOW Campus: Dial #1 from any campus security phone

Police, Fire, Ambulance: Call 000 from any phone

Report a crime: Call the Police Assistance Line on 131 444

My Campus Security

Security details and contact phone numbers are different for each campus, so its important to find the right information for you.